IAEA Technology Challenge

One of the roles of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is to deter the proliferation of nuclear weapons. To do so, the IAEA applies various technical measures referred to as ‘safeguards’ to verify the correctness and the completeness of the declarations made by the Member States about their nuclear material and activities. The IAEA safeguards are an essential component of the international nuclear safety and security system.



The Division of Technical and Scientific Services (SGTS) is responsible for providing scientific, technical and logistics support within the IAEA, including design, development, testing, calibration, installation and maintenance of safeguards equipment.

Within SGTS, essential objectives are to identify and evaluate emerging technologies that improve the usability, effectiveness and efficiency of the instruments used in the field by inspectors, and to enhance the IAEA's capabilities to detect undeclared activities.

Conducting in-field inspections forms the core of the IAEA’s nuclear verification activities and equipping inspectors with the appropriate tools is the key to effective nuclear safeguards. Over hundred types of equipment are used by the IAEA inspectors to verify the form, isotopic composition and quantity of nuclear material. More details about the life of the IAEA inspectors can be found online.